Poll-related violence

Maintain law and order at the grassroots

Published : 16 May 2024 10:23 PM

We are concerned that the ongoing upazila parishad polls have become a matter of panic instead of festivity. Attacks and exchange of fire over elections have become almost frequent. People have become panicked over the killing and violence.

The first phase of upazila elections across 139 upazilas in the country were held on May 8 while the second phase will be held on May 23. The upazila elections are taking place in four phases. Elections in the third phase on May 29, and in the fourth phase on June 5. 

These elections of the local government were once held in a festive manner in the country. Now these polls have become a frightening matter instead of festivity. The country’s people do not want to see bloodletting during the elections.

Therefore, we are calling on all candidates to reject all forms of violence and ensure human rights and safety . However, the increasing trend in poll-related violence across the country is worrying us.

People do not want 

to see bloodletting 

during the elections

A supporter of a defeated candidate of the first phase of the upazila parishad election was shot dead and six others were injured in post-polls violence in Gopalganj’s Sadar upazila on Tuesday night while a 45-year-old man succumbed to his injuries on Sunday night after he was wounded in a post-polls attack allegedly by the supporters of a rival group in Sirajganj’s Belkuchi upazila on May 8.

We have noticed over the past few days that in most cases, clashes broke out between the supporters of two candidates. The supporters of two factions get locked into the clashes which are later even turned into a gunfight, leaving people dead and other injured. Upazila polls strengthen the pillars of democracy at the grassroots, increase scopes of accountability and thus augments development activities at marginal level.

However, it is very unfortunate that we continue witnessing the woes and wails of the people who are losing their near and dear ones in poll-related violence. 

The Election Commission and the government must take necessary action to keep the country’s law and order under control and ensure public safety at 

grassroots level before the second, third and fourth phase polls.