‘Political stability contributes to environmental sustainability’

Published : 27 Dec 2023 09:43 PM

Speakers at a dialogue have said that river is one of the most important parts of the environment that play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the environment and ecology. 

“We are already getting the results of the misrule that we have been running on the environment for a long time. Protest against river encroachment has become difficult due to the involvement of political leaders, administration, government and private bureaucrats. If there is political stability and accountability, we can speak out against river encroachment and environmental degradation,” Jatiya Party’s presidium member Sunil Shubho Roy said at the dialogue. 

Waterkeepers Bangladesh arranged the dialogue ‘River Talkies: Political Stability in Environmental Protection’ on the banks of Buriganga River at Jhauchar under Keraniganj upazila in Dhaka on Wednesday (December 27, 2023). 

Coordinator of Waterkeepers Bangladesh Sharif Jamil moderated the River Talkies, where Mostafa Alamgir Ratan of Workers Party of Bangladesh, Preeti Kana Shikder from Law Department of Bangladesh University of Professionals, editor River Bangla Faisal Ahmed, leaders of different social and environmental organisations were also present.

In his opening speech, Sharif Jamil said numerous structures were built illegally on the banks of the Buriganga River in Dhaka. When the government plans to evict illegal occupiers, it should involve all ministries and public-private institutions, he opined. 

Mostafa Alamgir Ratan said when there is political stability, political leaders are held accountable so they can talk about environmental pollution and take action.

Preeti Kana Shikder said, “Whenever we talk about environmental pollution, we only talk about industrial waste but we do not talk about the environmental pollution that is caused by many other things. We need to consider the overall issue and work with the affected people to prevent environmental pollution.”

Faisal Ahmed said, “In the name of overall development, only structural development is taking place in the country but human development is not taking place. If there is to be human development, there should be overall development including education, medical, and social development, then the environment will also be developed. If patriotism increases not only among politicians but also among all, we can prevent environmental pollution.”