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Political conflicts kill 635 in six years

Published : 28 Jan 2020 08:59 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:17 AM

In last six years around six hundred and thirty five people have been killed in political conflict in Bangladesh, according to a human rights organization survey.

Analysts believe that these events are results of greed, competition and lack of discipline inside political parties. Many people join political parties to wield power over the weak and common citizens who are vulnerable. Violence commonly ensues during election time and afterwards. 

Even within the party conflicts occur for powerful position and share of a project work.  

Although no major causalities have taken place so far in the upcoming two city elections in Dhaka, the situation however remains tensed. 

Political analysts believe that political conflict is the manifestation of Bangladesh's irrational politics and lack of practice of democracy within the party. There has been case of total 3,710 political violence in the country in the last six years as the Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK) statistics says. It shows that 635 people were killed and 41,345 were injured.

As per ASK report, 39 people were killed in political violence in 2019, and two thousand 689 were injured. The total number of conflict incidents was more than 209.

The number of such incidents in 2018 was 701 with 67 deaths, and injury to 7,287. 

These incidents involved members and supporters of ruling party Awami League (AL) and BNP. 

 Before and after the January 5 elections in 2014, there was escalation of violence in Bangladesh. In 2013 and 2014, the highest number of cases of torching occurred in vehicles and establishments in the name of political programs in which 97 people were burnt of which, 25 died.

Human rights activist Noor Khan said, "Political conflict and violence is the manifestation of our irrational politics. And sadly, the truth is that the victims of the political parties are ordinary workers, supporters and ordinary citizens. 

“The political parties show their strength and engage in clashes to intimidate the opposition. These activists are highly intolerant”, he added.

Political analyst Shamsur Rahman said, "The recent trend in our politics is to deny each other. We are talking about democracy, there is talk of democracy but the main spirit of democracy, trusting each other, believing in the opposition, practicing democracy, believing in them - it is not in Bangladesh. "

He said, "Although sad, lately intolerance has increased tremendously. Democracy cannot be practiced without the confidence in the opposition"

According to him, "democracy cannot be built in Bangladesh unless the level of violence is reduced."