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Murder of Savar college teacher

Police yet to arrest killer

Published : 28 Jun 2022 09:55 PM | Updated : 29 Jun 2022 03:22 PM

Law enforcers yet to arrest the killer of Utpal Kumar, a teacher at Haji Yunus Ali School and College in Ashulia, a suburban area near Dhaka, even after two days of the happening.

However, talking to the Bangladesh Post, Inspector Investigation of Ashulia Police Station said, teachers and students of the college in association with locals instantly detained the lone killer. But later he was released for reason unknown.

“Now we are trying to arrest him as soon as possible,” he said.

According to the local sources, the killer student (Ashraful Islam Jitu) is a member of  teenage gang.

Protesting the gruesome killing of Utpal Kumar, Barun Bhowmick Nayan, General Secretary of Dhaka District Puja Odjapon Parishad, said, it’s totally unacceptable that a student will kill his teacher at the educational institution.

“I am demanding  immediate legal steps against the killer and their patrons”, Barun Bhowmick Nayan, who is also a senior journalist leader, said.  

The accused student is a relative of Haji Hazrat Ali, president of the managing committee of Haji Yunus Ali School and College.

According to locals, the accused student runs a teen gang with teenagers in the area. He was accused of harassing girls for several times.

Utpal Kumar Sarkar was in charge of conducting the inter-class cricket tournament for the students of Haji Yunus Ali School and College in city’s outskirts  Ashulia on June 25. 

Shafiqul Islam, a social welfare teacher at the school, who witnessed  the murder, said, “When the incident happened, I was on the other side of the field. When I went there and tried to stop the student, he threatened me. Later I took Utpal Sir to the hospital.”

About the accused student, he said, his test results are not good. He did attend classes regularly, nor did he follow the rules and regulations of the school. He was tried many times in the school. As the chairman of the disciplinary committee, Utpal Kumar Sarkar was present in almost all the cases. Everyone in the committee, including him, has tried to persuade him in many ways, even talking to his guardian.

Asked about the CCTV footage, office assistant Abdul Alim said, "We have two CCTV cameras in the field. The whole incident would have been recorded. But, there was no electricity at the time of the incident. That is why there is no video of the incident.”

But a shop owner, who did not want to be named, said, there was electricity at that time. I heard that the accused student did this by turning off the main switch of the school so that there would be no video.

Asked if there was electricity in the area at that time, Deputy General Manager of Jamgra Zonal Office of Dhaka Palli Bidyut Samiti-1 Md. Monir Hossain Khan said, 'If you want to get this information, you have to apply under the Right to Information Act. 

Students at Haji Yunus Ali School and College also told that  he was not a good student. His behavior was not also good. 

A student of class XI said, even though he was in class ten, he used to harass a student of class XI. Utpal Sir complained about this to his family. 

Several students complained that he spent more time with outside boys than with school students. He led a 'teenage gang'. The members of their gang are between the ages of 16-18.

Saiful Islam, Principal of the institution said we have 55 teachers in our schools and colleges. Utpal Sir used to perform many important duties here. I was not there at the time of the incident. However, after hearing about the incident, I rushed to the school and stayed in the hospital with him for the last two days. 

Asked what action would be taken by the educational institution in this case, he said, he has been expelled. We will form a three-member investigation committee.