Police regaining people’s trust detecting clue of clueless cases

Published : 07 Aug 2020 10:37 PM | Updated : 06 Sep 2020 09:31 AM

The police in Jhenaidah have been working relentlessly to detect the clue of the clueless cases and regaining the confidence of common people. They have to depend on the seized materials when the witness is not available for any circumstances for the interrogation or proper investigation. 

The investigation officers have to continue the work with patience and confidence, said, superintendent of police (SP) Mohammad Hasanuzzaman to the Roving Correspondent of Bangladesh Post. 

According to Jhenaidah police, they have detected clues of some much talked and sensational clueless murder and violation cases following the seized materials of the victims.

Since mid September of 2018, the district police have attained success in detecting the clues of sensational and much talked murder case of an extortionist Roki, 27, of Kaliganj upazila who was killed by two of his gang men following sharing of Taka 14 lakh. 

The clue of the killing of Keya Khatun, 18, of the same upazila was detected when the police men recovered her hair clip, sandal and the spade used for burying the woman. She was gang raped and strangulated to death by his lover Milon Hossain and two of his associates when she was married elsewhere.

The police in Kaliganj thana had detected the clue of gang rape victim young woman recovering the video containing the rape incident when five miscreants including her lover had violated her one after another and captured the video with their smart phone in a mango orchard.

When this correspondent talked to a number of common people at Beparipara in Jhenaidah municipal town said they are feeling safer when a beat policing office was installed at the part of the town which might reduce the crimes in the busy area and maintain law and order at their doorsteps.

Police super said the fist information report (FIR) is the base of any criminal case. Sometimes the cases being trailed in court are dismissed for weak statement in the FIR although it happened in daylight. Sometimes the petitioners add names of excessive persons as against the real criminals for social or political rivalry.

The investigation officers (IOs) of the cases had also found that the witnesses sometimes do not provide the truth being motivated by influential social or political leaders which throws the law enforcing agency men in submitting accurate report to the court smoothly. Here the experience of the efficient policemen helps detect the clue.

Describing the role of the officer in charge (OC) of the police station or any outpost is compelled to file case following any important incident or crime. The number of accused with the incident is considered by the petitioner in all respect. Here the IO is responsible for producing accurate report to the court with witnesses and evidences, confessional statements efficiently.

The policemen are always devoted to provide services to the people to ensure justice through all their activities to maintain peace and tranquility in the society.

There was an unknown misbelieves among the innocent people about the police. But the misconception already had started ending when the police was able to regain their confidence with their commitment, SP Hasanuzzamn said.