Pogba rubbishes retirement rumours over Macron’s comments

Paul Pogba is not quitting international football as a retaliation to statements by French president Emmanuel Macron alleging that Islam was the source of international terrorism.

According to various Middle Eastern news sources, the Manchester United star - who is a Muslim - 'resigned' after the comments made by Macron in a highly-controversial speech on Friday.

But agencies understand Pogba has no intentions of quitting the France international team.  

And on Monday morning, Pogba took to Instagram to let his followers know that the initial reports were false - writing on his story: 'Unacceptable. Fake news.' 

Macron’s comments came after French teacher Samuel Paty, 47, was murdered on his way home from the junior high school he taught in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, 40 kilometres northwest of Paris.

The French government bestowed the country's highest honour on the teacher, who had shown images of the prophet Muhammad to schoolchildren in his class before being attacked.

Macron described the murder as an 'Islamic terrorist attack' that took the life of the French teacher and later added: 'Unity and firmness are the only answers to the monstrosity of Islamist terrorism.'

Pogba's supposed resignation from France side was said to be motivated by Macron’s comments.

It was also alleged in the reports from the Middle East that Pogba, who converted to Islam in his 20s, also resented the French government's decision to bestow the country's highest honour on Mr Paty.

He was awarded the French Legion d'honneur in recognition of the fact that he died trying to explain the importance of freedom of speech. 

The report claimed that Pogba considered the decision as an insult to him and to French Muslims, especially since Islam is the second religion in France after Christianity. There are an estimated six million Muslims in the country.