PM urges nation to be prepared for crisis

Remaining calm must be our top priority

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the people of the nation to remain calm and be prepared to face any situation in the wake of the outbreak of coronavirus across the globe. She emphasized the need to reach food to the day-labourers and working-class people during the crisis period.

The premier also stated that the government is prepared to tackle any “tough situation” in view of the global coronavirus pandemic and expressed her determination to win the war against the deadly virus. She urged people to stay indoors as the main means to contain the virus.

The government’s top priority at the moment is to prevent the spread of the virus in the country and several initiatives have already been taken to avoid an epidemic in the country. The PM urged the people to not stockpile goods as this will cause the sufferings of those with limited income. 

In order to prevent community level transmission, 

the government is taking several steps 

and tightening security.

In order to prevent community level transmission, the government is taking several steps and tightening security. With more cases of coronavirus being detected in the country, many people are getting increasingly worried and have started stockpiling essentials in order to avoid going out in public.  

Taking precautions during the global coronavirus outbreak, the government has temporarily banned all public gatherings, including religious and socio-cultural gatherings across the country. With the risk of coronavirus spreading throughout the country looming over us, the government has decided to take such strict measures. 

Reassurance on part of the government is crucial in order to prevent panic and chaos. The government should raise awareness on the virus through campaigns and distribute face masks. There is already a lot of information spreading on the disease and the government must take steps to ensure that accurate knowledge is being disseminated to prevent mass panic. 

The government’s prompt initiatives in response to the situation are indeed laudable. The authorities must remain on high alert for the time being in order to better prepare for a crisis. The medical sector must be strengthened and the government should bring in health care workers from outside of the country if necessary.