PM’s meeting with top bureaucrats

Civil servants must change their mindset

Published : 19 Aug 2021 09:10 PM | Updated : 20 Aug 2021 01:03 AM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s meeting with the top bureaucrats has sent a reminding message again that her government would not tolerate any irregularities, corruptions, misdeeds and mismanagement. Sheikh Hasina came up with this warning while speaking to the secretaries of different ministries and divisions of the government at the virtual secretary meeting on Wednesday. 

We think the top civil servants must make sure that this message reaches the grass-roots officials and take tough action against anyone who resorts to corruption. Apart from the grass-roots officials, we also believe the other government high ups will also keep them away from corruption, irregularities, nepotism and mismanagement.

Awami League government is working to establish good governance and a graft-free administration in order to reach the country’s goal of building a hunger and poverty-free, developed and prosperous Bangladesh. Apart from corruption and irregularities, the public servants will also have to concentrate on combating cyber crime, money laundering, international and regional militancy and terrorist acts.

The top bureaucrats should 

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Why there would be corruption even after significantly enhancing the salaries, allowances and other privileges of public servants. Therefore, top civil servants and other government officials must change their mindset and engage themselves to provide a developed and better life to the country’s people. They should work with more sincerity to change the fate of the people of Bangladesh as the country has already attained the status of developing nation and it has a long way to go in future.

We think the secretaries will pay heed to the prime minister’s call and devote themselves to run the government activities in the way so the ongoing development pace of Bangladesh might continue in the future as well. Besides, the secretaries should implement the development projects under their respective ministries and divisions, efficiently, effectively and appropriately.

The top bureaucrats should devote themselves to the development of the country and the nation by facing the current and future challenges with courage and sincerity. They will have to keep in mind that the people seek their help when they fall into a danger. So, the civil servants and other government officials and employees will earn confidence of the mass people through giving services and human behaviour instead of indulging in corruptions, irregularities and mismanagement.