PM’s call to unite together

A hopeful future of prosperity

A hopeful future of prosperity and development can be contested when it is threatened by militancy. The reflections of the Prime Minister during her recent press conference highlighted how easily terrorists were able to strike at the very heart of Bangladesh’s capital during Holey Artisan attack two years back, in which over 20 foreign nationals were killed by a group of militants. This resulted in some tumultuous time for Bangladesh and also the faith of international community was shaken quite a bit after such an attack had taken place. But, in order for development to occur often times there are interludes along the way which need to be countered as a united force. In case of Bangladesh the public body worked as one force when such situations occurred.

It is applaudable that the protective shroud which surrounded the capital and important parts of the country held up quite well and there was no such incident of terrible militancy anywhere. 

The development of Bangladesh is

 going on and it has taken speed. 

The leap to middle income 

country by 2021 is very much 

a possibility now

This is also mentionable that talks are going on with India, China and Japan to keep pressure on Myanmar about repatriation of Rohingyas which will definitely be a great step forward when achieved. Such allies speak with actions not just their words. And the prospect of investment in Bangladesh from Japan speaks of such actions. 

And with investment there comes development. The massive development that is about to take place to exploit the rich tourism destinations in Bangladesh is bound to bring huge remittance of foreign currency to the nation. 

The infrastructural development proposed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is likely to see light very soon in the next couple of years. The development of Bangladesh is going on and it has taken speed. The leap to middle income country by 2021 is very much a possibility now. And with such goals and international support the plan towards achieving SDGs is much closer than it seems.