PM is tough on the corrupt

Cleansing inside organisations

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken a bold decision to carry out a cleansing operation to rid the two organizations of ‘unwanted’ elements who have been tarnishing the image of Awami League. It is a clear message that she would not tolerate any element to cause harm to Awami League. There is no denying that she has come to the present position where she is now considered a world leader, and she had to work hard to attain this status. Therefore, she is now very cautious about her own reputation and that of Awami League.

By removing Chhatra League president Rezwanul Haque Shovon and general secretary Golam Rabbani from Chhatra League, Sheikh Hasina proved once again that she will show zero tolerance to corruption and misuse of power by leaders and workers in these organizations. Her decision has been hailed by all quarters and suggestions are being made for taking equal steps for removing corrupt elements in all other ancillary organizations including Jubo League. This needs to be mentioned that allegations of corruption and misuse of power by some central leaders of Jubo League is already under scrutiny.

It is worth mentioning that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has clearly said that armed and corrupt cadres will be treated just the same way militants have been treated by her government. She also commented there was no need to organize Doa mehfil for me by chandabaji (extortion).

Prime Minister Seikh Hasina has firmly established that Bangladesh government will no longer tolerate any inefficiency in its ranks. Her dream was that Jubo League and Bangladesh Chhatra League leaders and activists would hold democracy dear to their hearts and take part in nation building works side by side with the Awami League leaders. And for this reason she promised all sorts of assistance to the young leaders. She wanted they would mould their character following the ideals and lifestyle of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

That is why she could not tolerate when the leaders of Chhatra League started to walk the wrong way. Through this drastic act she also sent the message that she is soft hearted to the deserving but she can be strict when necessary.