PM closely monitoring dengue situation

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has expressed her concerns over the rising dengue infections in the city despite keeping busy in her UK visit.

Health Minister Zahid Malek told reporters at a seminar, “The Prime Minister has been closely monitoring the dengue infection situation. She has been inquiring about the situation by regularly speaking to me on telephoned. She also gave specific instructions for doctors and nurses and ensure special care for the patients.” Malek made the disclosure while addressing at a scientific seminar on the current Situation of Dengue at Dhaka Medical College and Hospital (DMCH)’s Milon Auditorium on Thursday.

The Minister said that the number of dengue patients gradually increased this monsoon as mosquito reproduction capacity has also increased. The city corporations are responsible for managing mosquitoes growth. Responsibility of the health ministry is to provide healthcare services. He said that responsibility of controlling mosquitoes is not a task for the health ministry. The health minister urged the media not to publish exaggerated news on dengue prevalence. The dengue situation is under control.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has decided to provide patients free dengue test at all government hospitals in the country. From now on, patients will get free dengue test without any user fees. However, hospitals will decide which type of patient will get the free dengue test. In this case, the patient or his family members will get the opportunity to test for dengue free of cost.

Director General of health services Dr Abul Kalam Azad said on Wednesday, “All test for dengue infections can be done at relatively low cost. At present, due to the prevalence of dengue fever, it has been decided to conduct a completely free medical service in order to provide medical treatment according to the guidelines developed by the rapid patient identification and specialists.

The minister said that the health directorate has more than 40 thousand portable dengue test kits in stock. The World Health Organization has also offered to make available another one-lakh dengue test kits.

Apart from the government hospitals, private hospitals have also been requested charge minimum for dengue treatments.

Meanwhile, a one-stop center for the treatment of dengue patients is going to be introduced in all public hospitals across the country including the capital within a very short time. These centers will provide primary care to dengue patients, perform the necessary tests and hospitalization of critical patients.

Prof Dr Abul Kalam Azad confirmed that the one-stop center will be introduced in hospitals. He said, "It was decided to start a one-stop center to provide necessary services from the same place to ensure dengue patients' health. The center will be opened within the next two to three days. 

From January 1 to July 25, the number of patients admitted to the hospital was eighth thousand six hundred. Among them, currently there are 2 thousand six hundred fifty patients undergoing treatment.