Plucking of tea leaves from Moulvibazaar gardens starts

Published : 21 Mar 2024 09:17 PM

Plucking of tea leaves with the newly blossomed buds started at the tea gardens of Sreemongol under Moulvi Bazar district.

The tea garden workers in presence of the tea worker leaders and the Panchayet leaders performed prayers with the recitations of verses from the Holy Quran, the Holy Geeta and offered puja in various sections of the tea gardens. The tea workers also danced in group and rendered songs before starting of the plucking of tea-leaves.

According to sources, the plucking or tipping of tea-leaves started in various tea gardens of Sreemongal from March-1. The work of tipping of tea-leaves will start fully from the end of March or from the start of April. The tea garden authorities and the tea-workers werere eagerly waiting for plucking of tea-leaves. 

The plucking of tea leaves remains suspended for two to three months after the cutting or prunning of tea plants in December. As a result, there is no production of tea during that period and the Tea-workers also spend idle time then. After the emergence of new leaves and the buds, the plucking of tea starts formally. 

The production of tea at the Tea Industrial Estate of Moulvibazar starts with the tipping of tea-leaves for the current season. The full production at the Tea Industrial Estate is likely to start within next one week, informed people involved in tea-production.  

Ashalata Kurmi, a Tea-worker of Satgaon Tea Garden in Sreemongal informed, “The tipping of Tea-leaves starts with the Puja and offering of prayers in the morning. Before starting the tipping, the female Tea-workers offer Puja centring a Tea-plant with Flowers and the Votives. This is known as the Puja for the Forest Goddess. The Puja is offered seeking to remain safe from various problems of the Tea-Garden Sections. Afterwards, with dance and songs, the workers start plucking of tea-leaves.”

Zakir Hossain, Senior Assistant Manager of Nahar Tea Garden of Sreemongal informed, this year there was an advanced rainfall at the start of the season and the new-buds emerged on the tea-plants. As a result, tipping of tea-leaves have already started in some gardens. Usually, the Tea-Season ends at the end of December when the prunning of tea plants starts. The Tea Factories are kept closed for two to three months after the prunning. The Tea-Industry is rejuvenated after the rainfall in March-April.