Plenty of jobs in new year

Recruit able persons for the positions

Since the beginning of this year, there has been a lot of unwanted occurrences, primarily, the outbreak of coronavirus. As a result of which the number of jobs in the country declined and also a number of public job examinations have been postponed. However, there is good news in-store for the new year. There is going to be 1 lakh jobs which are going to be filled up in the coming year in the public job sector, this includes BCS and BSC and such.

According to a report published in this daily, there are going to be around one lakh government and private sector jobs in the new year. This will create a plenty of job opportunities for the job-seekers who could not avail themselves of the recruitment exams as those were postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it can be hoped that this introduction of new people into various job sectors will prove beneficial for the various organisations.

There is ample scope for people to succeed and 

change their lives if they prepare adequately for 

the public exams

Prior to this it was estimated that around 4 lakh vacancies exist in the country which consists of public sector only. This huge number must be met slowly and efficiently choosing the best of the best to give positions where they will prove beneficial for the country in its administration. Not only this there is also ample scope for people to succeed and change their lives if they prepare adequately for the public exams.

The report also elaborates on how there is also scope for jobs in the government primary schools. But, with the schools still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is yet unknown when these teachers, once recruited, will be able to get to their job positions.

Above all, we are hopeful for the new job positions that are going to be filled up. We believe that these new people will be able to play a vital role in taking the country forward and create a robust economy that is fit to be part of the international community.