Planned development of power sector

Keep the momentum unhindered

We appreciate the efforts of the government to supply electricity to every corner of the country. The incumbent government is developing the power sector in a planned way addressing it as one of the most essential sectors for sustainable development of the country. 

Accordingly, it has attached highest importance to regional cooperation in power sector with construction of power plants and grid lines with neighboring countries as well as BIMSTEC nations. Over the last few years, country’s power generation capacity has reportedly increased more than four times, and its consumers thrice.

The government is targeting to generate 60,000 MW of electricity by 2041. Foreign investment is being welcomed through an investment-friendly environment. Under the current government’s leadership, Bangladesh has achieved remarkable success in power generation and many internationally renowned companies have already invested in the country’s power and energy sector..

The efforts  of the  government to 

improve country’s power sector 

set an  example for our future leaders

More and more regions which were previously isolated have been connected to the electricity grid. The Power Division hopes every person of the country will be covered under the power facilities within the next couple of years. 

Indeed the present scenario of power in the capital reflects the country’s massive progress in power generation. Before 2009, reportedly a total of 27 power plants were constructed in the country whereas 101 plants were constructed in last ten years. The government also constructed more than three thousand circuit kilometres transmission line to ensure uninterrupted power supply to people. 

In 2009, the number of people having access to electricity was 47 percent, which now increased to 91 percent. Noticeably, cost of every unit of electricity is around Taka 6.25, but the government is making it available to people at Taka 4.82. Also the government is planning to withdraw subsidy in near future

The efforts of the government to improve country’s power sector set an example for our future leaders. In order make the country self-reliant in power generation, it will be important to keep the pace of development in power sector unhindered.