Plan to introduce English version in pry school

English proficiency required to tackle the globalised world

To propel forward our education system in the next level, the government is planning to introduce English medium schools, one each in 64 government district primary schools. Parents, even in rural areas, now know about the significance of English in the present-day globalised world.

Though English seems to be the country's second language, not even 60% of our population can speak English fluently. This is because of our poor structure of education in primary schools. Therefore, this can prove to be a revolutionary move as students in rural areas are likely to be well equipped with English language. Students coming out of the district level will be more proficient in English.

As the Bangladesh economy 

integrates further with global 

markets, the importance of English is bound to increase 

further as well. Therefore we need to equip 

our students to navigate with ease in English

The difficult texts used in English text books complexes the problem of recruiting quality teachers. These books are not suitable for students or for teachers in the rural areas. Therefore, with this government’s initiative, the primary school teachers will be skilled in English language through master trainers of the British Council first. Then they will impart their knowledge and guide the students of primary schools.

Discussions on the language of instruction are mostly restricted to Bangla in our country. However, given the nature of job market and resource limitations, it’s high time that we give proper importance to English. As the Bangladesh economy integrates further with global markets, the importance of English is bound to increase further as well. Therefore we need to equip our students to navigate with ease in English.

To reduce the language complexity, the government can make alterations in English medium textbooks as well. The smooth transition for students between both the languages will create the right conditions for gaining knowledge as well as lay a strong foundation for the advent of a more equal society.