Pizza Hut introduces KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza

Published : 26 Nov 2021 09:38 PM

The global fast-food brand Pizza Hut on Friday introduced new ‘KFC Popcorn Pizza’ with seven variations ranging from Spicy to Deluxe in the capital a special KFC gravy sauce.    

Pizza Hut Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Amit Dev Thapa launched the new KFC Popcorn Pizza, that starting from Taka 289, at a ceremony at its outlet in Gulshan 1.  

“We are elated to bring this innovative and global pizza to hands of Bangladeshi consumers,” Thapa said adding that Pizza hut will open three more outlets in Dhaka by this year. “We look forward to growing our store footprint in Bangladesh and preparing more innovative and mouthwatering products in the pipeline for next year,” he said.

He said Pizza Hut started this year with Battle of the Beef campaign, introducing the all new Kala Bhuna and Mejbani Beef flavors.

“These flavors highlighted and celebrated the Bangladesh’s cultural vibrancy and diversity, allowing us at Pizza Hut to mingle with society and connecting with consumers by giving them what they want,” Pizza Hut CEO said.  

After that the Pizza Hut introduced the first ever Super Limo pizza as the first country in this region.

Pizza Hut Head of Marketing Tanjina Akter and Operations Manager Rupam Prasanna Tagore were also present.