Pilot's Salary in Bangladesh [Bangladesh Aviation Industry]

Published : 12 Mar 2022 04:26 PM | Updated : 12 Mar 2022 04:50 PM

Bangladesh has a first-growing aviation industry. Young students in this country nurture a dream of becoming pilots early in childhood. This profession has a fast-growing elite career, attractive salary range, adventurous life, and free traveling opportunities worldwide. That is why this profession is on the career choice list of most parents in our country.

There are four airlines in Bangladesh: Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Regent Airways, US-Bangla Airlines, and Novoair. Maximum pilot students from flight school want to pursue their commercial pilot careers in these four dominant airlines. Apart from these airlines, a few cargo and charter companies also run here.

Average Salary of a Pilot

The pilot salary can vary in our country, depending on the airplane category (ATR72/Q400/BOEING737) and the type of airline (Regional/Flag carrier). Any regional airline in Bangladesh pays approximately BDT 2 lakhs to 6 lakhs for a First Officer (FO) post at the beginner level. According to contract and seniority, an upgraded level like a Captain Position is paid approximately BDT 7 lakhs to 13 lakhs per month.

Though gender should not affect wages in job sectors, in reality, a male pilot in Bangladesh earns 21% more than his female counterpart on average.

This table shows the pre-Covid monthly salary of a Biman Bangladesh Airlines pilot by experience—


Salary in Lakh BDT

New Crews


Five years or more


Ten years or more


15 years or more


20 years or more


25 years or more


30 years or more



During the economic shock of Covid-19, Biman Bangladesh Airlines have taken a pay cut, and pilots get a minimum of BDT 1.53 lakhs and a maximum of BDT 5 lakhs after a salary reduction initiative.

Commercial Pilot's Salary

Commercial pilots are not paid monthly. They get money per flight depending on the distance of the destination. But the monthly income of a Bangladeshi commercial pilot is between BDT 2-5 lakhs.

Corporate Pilot's Salary

In Bangladesh, a corporate pilot’s salary is remarkably high, so becoming a pilot in business jets can be the dream of many pilots. But in this profession, you have to stay abroad for an extended period. Maximum corporate pilots earn extra pay even for not being on duty. The salary usually is tax-free, and even sometimes they receive a good number of tips from the VIP passengers regularly. The good thing is that this extra earning is not included in their net salary, increasing the pilot's salary substantially.

A pilot who flies for Gulfstream 700 can earn five times more than a pilot who flies for KingAir350 (average BDT 15,000 to 25,000 lakhs net monthly).

Charter Pilot's Salary

Small charter companies sometimes provide pilots with flexible flight schedules at their convenience. They are given different types of single and twin engines (such as Cessna caravan, Piper Aztec, etc.) for charter flights. Working in general aviation requires lesser responsibilities than in a flying academy.

The salary is not unsatisfactory. In our country, a charter pilot's salary ranges from BDT 130,000 to 350,000 lakhs depending on the pilot's knowledge of the aircraft, flying experience, and having multiple type ratings. We should keep in mind that the duration of a working period in a small company has a more significant effect on a career. Because the first couple of years, pilots don’t earn big, but after a while, their earnings substantially increase way beyond.

As a charter pilot or working in a Flying Academy, a small charter company is entirely different because many pilots work in those companies to gather knowledge and gain more flight experience.

Bangladeshi PayScale versus Other countries Pays Scale for Pilots

Let’s compare the Bangladeshi pilots’ salaries with the other countries’ pilots. Probably Bangladesh is the lowest pay deliverer globally. For example, pilots get an average of BDT 245,000 pay in Bangladesh, as Sri Lanka delivers a BDT 850,000. However, the pay rates are also related to the skill level and experience percentage.

How to Become a Pilot in Bangladesh

If you are enthusiastic about becoming a pilot in Bangladesh, this discussion will be helpful to you. There are some steps you have to complete before becoming a pilot—

Need a Bachelor’s Degree:  You need a bachelor’s degree in aircraft operations, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or a related field

Flight Experience: You need to complete up to two months of ground training and more than 1,500 hours of flight experience with your degree

Necessary Skills: You have to acquire some skills, such as solid communication skills, problem-solving and observation skills, good depth perception and reaction time skills, and the skill to operate aircraft computer and navigation systems

Obtain Licensure: You need a license to prove your qualifications. If you like to work exclusively with cargo and passenger transportation, you need Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) permits to fly. If you want to apply for a commercial airline pilot position, specifically need the airline transport pilot license.

Sit for Exams: You also need to sit for meteorology, crew communication, aerodynamics, wind shear awareness, air navigation principles, and aircraft loading, topics covered on the licensing exam.

Professional Experience:  You have to take physical, psychological, and aptitude tests, as well as drug tests, as a prerequisite for employment in many airline companies in Bangladesh. After being qualified in the exams, you are generally required to undergo an additional 6-8 weeks of training when hired. This training may include at least 25 hours of flight time. Then you will become a co-pilot. So, before being hired by a major airline, this helps you gain more flying experience.

Medical Requirements for Pilots

  • You should not have any severe health problems (such as vertigo, HIV, epilepsy, broken bones, major surgeries, or color blind)
  • Your Eyesight Vision & Color vision must be within the normal range (glasses/corrective lenses are allowed)
  • You cannot have any blood disease (the medical test checks your hemoglobin values & cholesterol level)
  • Your urine test must be checked for sugar level & drug dependency
  • A Hearing test (hearing through an audiogram if within normal range)
  • Dental check for a cavity or any other dental disease which may cause pain and affect pilot operating skills
  • You should not have any insulin dependency (if you have diabetes)
  • No heart problems & requires normal ECG
  • No history of mental disorder
  • No nervous system disorders

Finally, if you are medically fit, this career is for you.

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