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Pierce Brosnan calls ‘Black Adam’ an ensemble movie

Published : 13 Sep 2021 07:55 PM | Updated : 13 Sep 2021 07:55 PM

Pierce Brosnan says the DCEU's upcoming superhero movie ‘Black Adam’ is more of an ensemble movie. The primary nemesis of ‘Shazam’ in the comics, Teth-Adam/Black Adam will first be introduced in his own solo-movie in which he will be portrayed by Dwayne Johnson. After being imprisoned for 5,000 years, Adam - who has similar powers to ‘Shazam’ - will encounter a number of classic DC superheroes operating as the Justice Society of America, including Noah Centineo's ‘Atom Smasher’, Aldis Hodge's ‘Hawkman’, Quintessa Swindell's ‘Cyclone’, and Brosnan's ‘Doctor Fate’.

While the film is currently scheduled for release in July 2022, very little is known about the project. Johnson was initially set to appear as ‘Black Adam’ in 2019's ‘Shazam’! As well as an earlier version of ‘Suicide Squad’, however plans changed with Warner Bros instead opting to give Johnson his own spin-off movie before facing off against his greatest foe. ‘Black Adam’ is set to present the warrior from Kahndaq as more of an anti-hero, so it's possible that the film could see him fighting against the JSA before siding with them to defeat an even greater foe.

This would make sense, especially judging from Brosnan's recent comments. Speaking to Collider about his most recent release, ‘Cinderella’ on Amazon Prime, the former ‘James Bond’ described ‘Black Adam’ as "an ensemble piece," citing the ‘Justice Society of America’ and ‘Black Adam’ as part of a larger film about what it means to be a hero. Brosnan goes on to say that each actor gets their own chance to shine thanks to the script.     —Screen Rant