Phultala road not complete in the last 20 years

Published : 24 Aug 2022 07:38 PM

Fultala or Torki Islampur village in Charkewar Union of Sadar Upazila of Munshiganj is a traditional village. The distance of the village from Munshiganj district town is not much. There is no dearth of government, private sector employees and famous and expensive people in the village. Yet the village is known as a neglected village. The village has Phultala Mohammadia High School and Toraki Islampur Government Primary School, 2 graveyards, 4 mosques, 1 shrine and a big market but lacks pitched roads. About 2 km from Torquay to Baghaikandi: The road is bricked but not pitched. Therefore, the residents demand that the road be repaired. Although this road was constructed almost 20 years ago, the pitch casting was not completed. Students, teachers and about 20,000 common people of East Phultala, West Phultala, North Chramshura, Torki and Baghaikandi villages travel through this road. People have to suffer due to brick pelting. When it rains, the road becomes slippery and accidents occur. As the width of the road is less, it is also difficult for two vehicles to take over. Besides, thousands of people who pass through the road daily have to use the same road for haat-bazaar. The local residents have been demanding that this road be renovated for a long time. Renovation of the road will connect the village with the city. The social and economic conditions of the area will change. Besides, one can get higher education by staying at home.

Feroz Mia of Fultala village said that the development and social progress of the area is lagging behind due to this road. No car from the city wants to go to this village at night. However if any vehicle agrees to go then the passenger has to pay extra fare.

Shahar Ali, a resident of Torquay Islampur, said that Jaune does not take patients. The last five years have been empty. And say I will get work today, I will get work tomorrow. There is no work anywhere.

Khoka Mia, a resident of the area, said that due to the potholes and broken roads, boys and girls are also being deprived of a good relationship.

Abdur Rashid Pathan, a resident of the area, said that this road was built under the food exchange program during Ershad's tenure. MPs and public representatives come and walk on this road. But nothing works.

Zafar Ali, a resident of Fultala village, said that many cars have been involved in accidents on the road. No delivery patients can be transported through this road. The patient had to be taken by boat to Torquay village and picked up in a car. During the dry season, when the water in the river is low, the canal is filled with water. Then this system also became inactive. Afsar Uddin Bhuiyan, Chairman of Charkewar Union, said that the road has been in a bad condition for a long time. I am aware of this. I feel bad seeing this situation. But I have come to know that the road has been tendered. And of course the road will be completed.

In this regard, Munshiganj Sadar Upazila LGED engineer Md. Shafiqul Ahsan said that about 7 km. Mr. The road has been tendered and work is in progress. The road has been started from Adhara Union section. The work of this road will be completed till Torquay. A storage area has also been fixed for the work on the final part of the road. This road will be completed soon.