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Philip Kotler's E-World Marketing Summit 2020 in November

Published : 19 Sep 2020 04:51 PM | Updated : 19 Sep 2020 05:06 PM

The father of modern global marketing and a marketing guru, Professor Philip Kotler’s E-World Marketing Summit 2020 will be held on November 6 & 7. The Summit 2020 will be introducing novelties and attractions in every stage like never before. In the Covid-19 situation, the 'World Marketing Summit 2020' has been announced as the 'Electronic World Marketing Summit 2020'. So, this summit will totally be online based. One hundred percent of the virtual world will be utilized here which is the most popular platform in the current world. Philip Kotler and his team, global leaders, and industry experts who have made significant contributions to the marketing world, successful entrepreneurs, neuromarketers, social entrepreneurs, digital marketing will participate and speak at the summit.    

This is the first time in history that such a large World Marketing Summit 2020 is going to be held, where at the same time, the same stage will be attended by distinguished guests from 104 countries. Not only that, there will be a total of 64 national and international speakers who will talk about different aspects of marketing and analysis. One of the major goals of this summit is to bring together millions of viewers in a single platform and give them valuable knowledge of global market. 

Students, teachers and clubs from about 60 universities of Bangladesh as well as the best multinational companies and corporate companies of the country will be participating in this year’s summit. The participants can also submit their success stories and course study for nomination in Professor Philip Cutler’s book Essentials of Marketing: Bangladesh Edition which can find a place in the book through a panel of the best academics in the world.

Topics to be discussed and analyzed at this summit: New Product Development, Pricing Advertising, Digital Marketing, B2B Marketing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Marketing, Sociopreneurship, E-Commerce, Data Management, Services Marketing, Small Business Retailing, Luxury Goods Marketing, High Tech Marketing, Value Creation, Selling on-line, Simplifying Startup fund raising, E-Retailing, Digital Transformation, Marketech, Entrepreneurship, Management of Technology, Start-ups marketing & selling, Phronetic Leadership, Innovation, GIG Economy, Design Thinking & Modeling, Robotics Process Automation, Subliminal Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Social Marketing, Health Care Marketing, Online Negotiations, Concept Marketing, Internet of Things, Simplifying Startup fund raising, Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning, Omnichannel Strategy, Customer Journey Mapping, Digital Selling, Influencer Marketing, Customer Data Management, Content Development and Management, Public Relations, Behavioral Analytics, Marketing Functions, Winning through Innovation. 

There are great opportunities available for those who want to make their careers or businesses known in the international market and spread the image of their organization and their respective countries to the entire world through marketing. Many unknown facts will be discussed at this summit which many people might not know or have heard before. There will be some tips and tricks that can change your thinking in these sectors. 

Prominent marketing leaders, managers, directors, teachers, students and marketing professionals of Bangladesh will be able to participate in the event by registering online. Tickets will be sold in three categories.

1st Category: Tk. 3.800/- for Advanced Learners (Students). They will have full access to the two-day summit and an e-certificate signed by Professor Cutler.

Category 2: Tk. 6,500 / for Corporate Persons. The benefits they will get: Full access to the summit, an e-certificate signed by Professor Cutler, the opportunity to talk to all the speakers via video for a week.

Category 3: Tk. 8,500 / - for VIP. Benefits they will get: Full access to the Summit, e-Certificate, Access for one month to all the speaker’s video on demand, Access to the Masterclass, E-certificate signed by Professor Kotler himself for joining the masterclass, Special gift from the “Big Bang Book” 2020 eBook (60€ value).

There is an opportunity for everyone to join the World Marketing Summit after participating in the summit which is a golden opportunity to build one’s own network worldwide. Teachers, researchers, corporate personalities who aim for higher education and MPhil or PhD candidates will get the opportunity to get admission in the best universities of the world from Bangladesh Institute of International Higher Studies (BIIHS). 

However, The E-World Marketing Summit will be jointly organized by Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) and Kotler Impact, Inc. The last date of registration is 25 October 2020. 

The World Marketing Summit (WMS) is an independent global organization, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. The World Marketing Summit was founded in 2011 by Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing. It aims to initiate global movements through discussion among global thought leaders to discuss the most pressing issues faced by the world, including marketing, business and economics to help people from poverty, to promote businesses and to work on health and environmental issues. To make the event more wonderful and lively, several ministers of Bangladesh and heads of various groups of industries will be present. WMS works in different continents including Europe, North America and Asia, besides plans to expand its projects in Africa. 

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