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Performance go down for tiredness: Rahmat

Published : 08 Oct 2021 07:22 PM | Updated : 10 Oct 2021 11:25 AM

Defender Rahmat Mia said their performance against the Maldives went down because of physical tiredness as they had to play three matches within seven days.

“The main problem which was happned with us we had to play three matches within seven days.... but they (Maldives) got enough rest and took to the field with fresh leg .... while our maximum players played three matches within seventy two hours and became tired...... that was the reason our performance went down a little bit ... we hope we'll overcome it in the next match,” Rahmat said to the pressmen on Friday.

He said there were lacks of energy observed among the team’s members because it was not easy to play an international match within seven days.

Reply to a question Rahmat said their game plan against Maldives was blocking the mid zone and then go to attack. The team were also moving as per accordingly, but somehow they conceded the goals.

Replying to a other question, Rahmat said Maldives have the best attacking line in the tournament and if they (Bangladesh) able to stop their attacking line, he hoped to bring a good result.

The defender said nobody morally down after losing to Maldives because the team still have chance to qualify for the final. Rahmat admitted that team's finishing is not a new problem which was again noticed in the Maldives match. The coaching staffs are constantly trying to improve it and briefing the players in this regards during the team’s practice session and he hoped it would be changes soon.

Bangladesh will get five days recess before their last group match against Nepal and the defender said they have crossed very tough situation in the last one week.So in the remaining five days is very important for them because the players would get enough time to recover themselves and able to furnish the game plan for the next match.

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