People with disabilities no burden on society

Let them contribute to national development

Published : 04 Dec 2021 09:28 PM

Our social structure often looks down upon the people with disabilities. However, that kind of stigma needs to be broken. People with disabilities are not a burden to the society; they can become an asset with proper care.

With proper training and cooperation, people with disabilities will be able to contribute to the development of the country. Normal life of the persons with disabilities should be ensured through the successful implementation of the programs adopted for them. The ongoing work for the persons with disabilities needs to be taken forward. The importance of proper implementation of disability laws and regulations should also be stressed.

With proper training and cooperation, 

people with disabilities will be able to 

contribute to the development of the country

In our country where the support system and social safety are almost non-existent, people with disabilities often remain a burden on their family members, relatives or live their life as a destitute. 

Rehabilitation measures are needed to be taken for them. All these things are significant for their social re-integration and also their ability to be a part of our labour force.

The government along with other relevant stakeholders should create modified jobs and make simple workplace accommodations in the mainstream employment sectors and this will primarily change the situation for people who have or developed disabilities. 

In our society, people with disabilities often face inattentiveness and relegation. We as a country need to continue create more economic and social openings for these population groups.