‘People want to get rid of ghost electricity bills’

Bangladesh National Awami Party (Bangladesh NAP) called upon the authorities concerned to stop ghost electrify billing for the interest of the people.  Chairman of the party Jebel Rahman Ghaani and Secretary General M Golam Mostafa Bhuiyan made the call in press statement. 

The two leaders said that the common people have been facing sufferings for ghost electricity bills since the beginning of the corona period. For two consecutive months, electricity meter readers did not visit customers' homes. They made estimated bills remotely.

However, after these adjustments were made, many customers are suffering again.  

“Customers are not getting the right solution even after going to the electricity office. As a result, they are suffering. People want to get rid of electric bill irregularity,” they added. 

They said that although the distribution company adjusted the bills of some customers after the complaint, there is no end to the suffering. The people are suffering due to the imposition of fictitious bills on the customers by various electricity supply companies across the country.

The leaders said that people have been almost without income for a long time during the corona period.

Many employees have lost their jobs or are forced to work for almost half the salary. In this situation, the continued behavior of the power companies is unacceptable and reprehensible.