People reluctant to obey Covid restrictions

Omicron should be taken more seriously

Published : 14 Jan 2022 09:28 PM

People are reluctant to wear masks and obey hygiene rules, while city buses have also been seen operating at full capacity despite the imposition of 11 restrictions. The government has imposed restrictions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 new form Omicron. We must abide by government orders issued to tame the spread of coronavirus. There are perturbing signs that most of us have developed a lax attitude to keeping social distancing. This approach must be changed in no time. We must take Omicron more seriously. Also, the government must take drastic steps to compel people to follow health guidelines and ensure that no social gatherings take place in the country.

The government must take 

drastic steps to compel people

to follow health guidelines

The challenge for government now is to ensure the peak is not so furious that it overburdens our healthcare system again. The government should integrate pragmatic preventive measures based on the experiences garnered from the previous waves of the pandemic so that it can act fast to control the possible upcoming wave and ensure proper healthcare services for the infected people. Hospitals should be kept ready with all the necessary equipment and facilities so that they can face any challenge if the situation worsens in the coming days.

There have always been the risks regarding the crisis escalating in winter when the cases of respiratory complications rise alarmingly, and Covid-19 itself is a respiratory disease. Considering this, doctors should remain very careful not only to detect the Covid-19 cases but also respiratory issues since their symptoms are identical.

We must educate and empower people to protect themselves from the infection of the virus. It needs no mentioning that self-defence is the best way to prevent a pandemic like corona. We have to involve people with plans and programmes to control the virus. Without people’s involvement and cooperation, it would be well-nigh impossible to control the probable Covid-19 winter wave successfully.