People outside N’ganj city deprived of development

Published : 24 Jan 2023 09:28 PM
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A large number of people have been living just adjacent areas of Narayanganj City Corporation but not outskirt expressing pain due to deprivation from the different civic amenities as it is also incapable of being provided by the union council (municipality) to develop the people’s fate.  

Among the inhabitants who are still under union council just nearer to Narayanganj City Corporation have been screaming for development activities with a firm emphasis on widening road, road lighting, sewerage system and other facilities that have been enjoying the city dwellers smoothly.

Falling into an illusion in the last almost three decades ago that was an artificial image created by some people's representatives the municipalities’ dwellers differ with the inclusion process with Narayanganj pourashava now turning into Narayanganj City Corporation. But the same people who have been living under union councils' jurisdiction repented as their earlier idea was basically wrong.

Almost three decades ago the then Narayanganj municipality extended its jurisdiction inclusion four union councils of Narayanganj Sadar Upazila. But the chairmen of Kashipur, Gognogor, Enayetnogor and Fatulla strongly against the decision and even they motivated the peoples alluring that the municipality will impose too much tax to the people that would be unbearable. The people then fall into their misinterpretation.

But nowadays the same people understand that the less developed Upazila Bandar and Shiddhirganj merged with Narayanganj City Corporation turned into a develop zone and are enjoying advanced facilities in the last eight years.

A citizen named Wahidur Rahman of Kashipur union council area expressed a regret that it was better than being included with City Corporation, “we do not get widening roads, road security, hygienic system and sewerage. We have been losing citizen modern facilities living nearer City Corporation due to out of jurisdiction”.

Narayanganj city mayor Dr. Selina Hayat Ivy in order to remove water logging situation constructed a modern lake, drain and beautified walk ways from Shitolakhya River to Dholesshori River that started in the city jurisdiction and crosses Kashipur union areas that the earlier deprive people recalling their ill decision and penitence for lying under less development zone.