People of 11 villages struggle to cross Kumar river for want of a bridge

Published : 09 Feb 2024 09:25 PM

The people of Shailkupa upazila in Jhenaidah could not erase their black spot of backwardness from their forehead. They could not witness any major change or development for the last couple of decades in their sovereign country. 

For want of a bridge, the farmers incurring heavy loss in selling their produces and the students have been reaching to their educational institutions after travelling excessive distances. It has been increasing their educational expenses every day. Crossing of the river ghat by a smaller boat at Aruakandi village between Umedpur union in the south and Bisnudia ghat under Manaharpur union parishad has been risking the lives and property of the people.

Locals said at least five thousand people including the students and farmers from Royerah, Umedpur, Taminagar, Aruakandi, Gobindapur, Damukdia, Manaharpur, Bisnudia, Bhandaripara, Madhabapur etc. cross the river at Aruanakndi point to arrive at Royerah Bazer, a most important local market.

 It takes time and increases the transportation cost of agriculture produces. Hundreds of students move for education to a number of high schools, primary schools, madrashah, union land office, post office and other government and non-government establishments. The farmers sale their produced taking the same through a bamboo made narrow bridge at Royearh ghat or smaller size boat at Aruakandi ghat everyday. 

The students arrive at their educational institution either on the bridge or boat taking their lives in hand. risking their lives.

They said they informed the matter to the lawmaker elected for five consecutive terms for Jhenaidah-1 seat (Shailkupa) several times. But no effective measures was taken so far to this end.

Lawmaker Abdul Hyee when contacted about construction of such a bridge at Aruakandi riverghat said he brought the matter in the notice of LGED earlier.

 They were considering to take necessary steps for the construction at their convenient time. 

When contacted upazila engineer of the local government engineering department (LGED) in Shailkupa of Jhenaidah Ruhul Amin said he was not informed about this sort of proposal for constructing any bridge at Aruakandi ghat over local Kumar River. He will raise the matter in the meeting of his department next.