People now heed health rules

'No Mask, No Service' policy paying off

It is good to note that general people are now following health safety rules in public places. Public health experts termed this ‘very positive’ especially when the world is experiencing the dangerous second wave of the pandemic. 

Covid-19 infection rate has been increasing in the country in recent days and such spike is indeed a wake-up call for us to take necessary preventive measures to contain a fresh corona outbreak. 

Considering the spike in infection rate, the government has already implemented the policy of 'No Mask, No Service'. Also the government has issued a number of guidelines in order to quell the spread of coronavirus. However, it is time for the government to incorporate prudent measures based on the experiences garnered from the first wave of the pandemic.

Without people’s involvement and cooperation, 

it would be tough to tame the spread of Covid-19 


Self-defence is the best way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Therefore, we must educate and empower people to protect themselves from the infection of the virus. It is time to involve people with plans and programmes to control the virus. Without people’s involvement and cooperation, it would be tough to tame the spread of Covid-19 successfully.

Testing is the only way to uncover just how many people have been infected, or how many others could infect. Therefore, people should be encouraged more to go for Covid-19 tests whenever needed. No doubt a rigorous system of test, trace and isolation can greatly help us to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We must abide by government directives issued to tame the spread of coronavirus. Also, the government must take necessary steps to compel people to maintain social distancing and ensure that no social gatherings take place in the country during this winter. If people do not comply with the health safety guidelines, the government must enforce law to force them to do so.