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People face sufferings in N’ganj

Published : 06 Apr 2020 09:29 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 02:14 AM

As the death toll raises and infected increasing rate gradually high in the district and that is why the administration taken measures to keep under lockdown new areas in everyday and the people's became seized and incomeless mostly daily basis income holders. 

Dr Selina Hayat Ivy, Mayor of Narayanganj City Corporation, asked the prior in written that to declare curfew or lockeddown in the whole area of the district. Narayanganj-4 constituency law maker A.K.M.Shamim Osman assent the mayor's opinion. 

The district administration immediately distributed 27 lakh taka cash and 600 metric ton rice among the destitute people. The moneyed continuously distributing a relief goods among the ultra poor from their own capacity.

Question raised from the day-laborer against the union chairman disbursement relief goods having partiality and are being deprived the perfect needed people. In last five days 3 patients of COVID-19 died including a woman. District health administration sources claim that collected sample from 31 suspect people of them 27 people's sample completed test in which 12 identified as Corona virus infected. 

The authority also demanded 571 suspect people already in home quarantine while 436 got release as no symptoms found in their. Most populous district Narayanganj, the administration aiding with army, police all UNO's are not yet success to all inhabitance keep under lockeddown atmosphere. 

Having no coordination the health sector both public and private are not given sufficient service to the suspect people even any patient has to return from hospital when he disclose the physician that he has been suffering from cold and fever. 

Among the 3 COVID-19 people's, two are residents of Narayanganj Sadar upazila while the other is Bandar upazila.  A major panic engulfed the Narayanganj citizens that over six thousands people return in Narayanganj from abroad only in month of March while the administration traced out almost one thousand. 

How and where the expat's have been living either in Narayanganj or in another district or if they have live in hide in the district transmitting and gathering with the healthy people.