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‘Penny for Many’ stands by the helpless, poor amid pandemic

Published : 02 Aug 2021 09:38 PM | Updated : 03 Aug 2021 04:21 PM

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has imposed a humanitarian disaster across the globe making millions of people helpless overnight. Thousands of financially solvent people became poor as they lost their job or sources of income. The sufferings of the low wages and poor people reached beyond description.

In such a disastrous situation, kindness and love for humanity of many good- hearted solvent people became a must for healing some of the wounds made by the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. And such many good souls came forward and extended their hands of kindness to the helpless and distressed people.

Penny for Many, a Dhaka-based voluntary organisation, has stood by the poor and destitute people during the pandemic. ‘Penny for Many’ has been providing the helpless and destitute people with food and other daily commodities from the very beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founder President Zisan Rehman and General Secretary Abdulla Al Fajsal of the organisation took this initiative out of love for helpless people and personal responsibility to humanity. Especially, this year on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan they have organised Iftar for about 500 people every day. Rice, pulses, oil, potatoes and onions were distributed among the poor and helpless people in different areas of Dhaka.

The organisation has distributed Qurbani meat among about 1500 disadvantaged, helpless and poor families in Pangsha Upazila of Rajbari district and Shailkupa upazila of Jhenaidah district during the recently performed Eid-ul Azha. 

Besides food items, sewing machines, vans and cash were distributed among 1,500 helpless people in Dhaka and outside Dhaka. This organisation has been providing free education and food to about 400 disadvantaged children at a school in Mirpur and a madrasa at Farm gate in the capital. 

Founder president of the organisation Zisan Rehman said, ‘It’s a step towards the neglected people of the country and standing by them. Being involved in social welfare activities, I have been overwhelmed by the love of the people at different times. This effort is out of gratitude for the love of the people and out of personal responsibility.'

Abdulla Al-Fajsal, general secretary of the organization, said, ‘It is the humanitarian responsibility of all of us to stand by the people affected by the Coronavirus disaster.’

Internationally renowned entrepreneur, fashion designer and UNESCO Artist for Peace Bibi Russell has been involved with the organisation since its foundation. Regarding the activities of this organisation, she said, "I am with 'Penny for Many' from the sense of social responsibility of the idea of doing something for the people in this Coronavirus pandemic." 

“Dealing with any ongoing war and post-war crisis becomes much more challenging. Although some important steps have been taken by the government to make up for the losses of the Covid-19, I think the private sector should also come forward at this time,” she added.

'Penny for Many' started its journey in November 2019. They collect donations from people who are interested and distribute them to the helpless and victims of the society.  Whoever is interested to come forward and other organisation across the world will be able to stand by the helpless people through this initiative. The Rotary Club of Dhaka Mahanagar has already joined the 'Penny for Many' organisation.

Those interested can go directly to the website and click on the donate option to donate using the card or mobile financing service. If anyone wants to donate other non-cash products, such as food, safety equipment, sanitizers, etc., can contact by visiting