Pending cases must be disposed of quickly

Published : 17 Feb 2024 09:13 PM

There is a backlog of around 42 lakh cases in courts across the country, including the Appellate and High Court divisions of the Supreme Court, causing much suffering for the litigants, according to media reports. Due to the non-appearance of regular witnesses, the date of recording depositions is being deferred repeatedly. 

Besides, the judicial activities of courts in the country are being hampered to a great extent due to the shortage of judges and inadequate infrastructure. This problem did not arise all of a sudden but it has been created over the years. So, the government has to ease this backlog soon. None can rule out the maximum that justice delayed is justice denied. The problem of a huge backlog of cases continues because some people reap the benefits of the cases remaining pending with the courts. Some cases have been pending for 30 years, it is reported.

There has been inordinate delay in the trial of many sensational cases including murder. This is a long-standing problem, which has gone on for years and year and remains unsolved to this day.

This is a long-standing problem,

 which has gone on for years and

 years and remains unsolved to this day

As these cases still remain pending in different courts across the country, justice-seekers have been facing serious difficulties. Many of them became bankrupt and failed to run their cases due to financial crisis.   

We know the government wants to ensure justice for all with prompt disposal of cases, and ensure transparency and accountability in the country. So, the government does not have any option but to appoint more judges.

Every citizen of the country has the right to get justice in time. Therefore, the government must appoint more judges in order that pending cases are disposed of quickly and people should get justice rapidly.

We think the government should take proper steps for prompt disposal of cases as it wants to ensure transparency and accountability. It will also have to adopt a plan in this regard and the judges will have to play a vital role to this end to alleviate the suffering of the people.

Apart from fresh appointment of judges, we also urge the judges to aim to clear the pending cases as quickly as possible in the interest of the people seeking justice. All believe the judiciary is still the last hope of people’s confidence. People’s confidence has now become the main source of internal strength of the country’s judicial system.