Payel in Mosharraf Karim's ‘Mayar Jale’

Young director Shabdik Shahin recently directed the drama 'Mayar Jale'. Popular TV actor Mosharraf Karim and one of the actresses of this generation Keya Payel acted in this drama together.

Crown Entertainment has produced the drama 'Mayar Jale' with the story and composition of Snehashish Ghosh. Sharmila Ahmed, Sujan Habib, AK Azad Setu, Anwar Hossain and others have acted in different roles in the drama.

The story of the drama 'Mayar Jale' has been set in a rural background. The story shows that Maya, the talented wife of the simple-minded Jamil of the village, got admitted in Dhaka University for higher studies and fell in love with a classmate.

Maya became so engrossed in her classmate that she was forced to bring money from Jamil to fulfill her whims. But once the matter is leaked, darkness descends on Maya's life.

This is how the story of the drama goes on in ‘Mayar Jale’. The play ends with a heartbreaking situation, which will leave a scar on the hearts of all types of viewers.

Actor Mosharraf Karim said, “The story of the drama is very beautiful. The dimensions of my character in the drama are quite funny. I hope the audience will like it too.”

Keya Payel sadid, “I am always looking for a character where there is a chance to act in a challenging way. I hope everyone will like it.”

On the other hand, Tajul Islam, Deputy CEO of Crown Entertainment, said that the shooting of the drama has already ended. Editing is currently in progress. The drama will be aired on a private TV channel soon.