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Pay no heed to rumours about edn instts closure

Says Dipu Moni

Published : 09 Jan 2022 10:04 PM

Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni has urged everyone not to listen to the rumors about the closure of educational institutions amid the current Covid-19 situation.

She made the call in response to a question from reporters at the end of the ninth convocation ceremony of Daffodil International University at Ashulia in Savar on Sunday afternoon.

The Education Minister said, “Today we have a meeting with the National Technical Advisory Committee on Covid-19. Covid-19 vaccination programme of students is going on in full swing. We are trying to bring everyone under vaccination and keep the educational institutions open. However, it is also true that if it seems that the infection will increase due to keeping the educational institutions open, we may take the decision of closure.”

“We are trying to figure out how to keep the educational institutions safe and prevent infection. Those who say that the educational institutions will be closed are spreading rumours. Do not pay heed to these rumours,” she added.

Expressing hope that the students would return to normal educational activities, the minister said, “If the educational institutions have to be closed, we will close it with an announcement. However, as long as we do not feel the need, we will not take any decision of closure. We want the students to return to regular academic activities.”

She said that the new universities could not be established during the pandemic. 

“During this time, appointing VC, Pro-VC, treasurer is another additional pressure. We are constantly trying to fill the gaps. Trying to finish this work quickly. However, I expect more sincerity from the universities in this regard,” he said.

Earlier in the convocation ceremony, the Minister of Education asked if education is solely dependent on the certificate and if not, why there are so many unemployed certificate holders. 

“This is not desirable. That is why I am trying to bring a change from pre-primary through which education will not depend only on exams and certificates. Students will learn through application,” she said. 

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