Patients suffer for outsourcing manpower at CMCH

Published : 18 Aug 2022 09:13 PM

Chattogram Medical College (CMC) Hospital has been facing shortage of 4th class employees for a long time.  At present, the recruitment process of 4th class employees is officially closed.  Service activities in Chattogram Medical are going on through outsourcing persons and unpaid special nurses.  Most of the permanent manpower is lying vacant.  Various criminal activities are going on in the hospital while managing the services with these manpower.  Government medicines and patient essentials are always stolen from hospital wards.  Special nannies are collecting more money than the demand from the patients.  Common people mainly come to government hospitals to save money but outsiders are always harassed. Patients have to pay money from the time they are admitted to the hospital.

 There is not enough manpower for hospital wards, fetching patients, cleaning toilets, keeping the hospital area clean, night watchmen and porters.  More than 2-3 thousand patients are admitted to Chattogram Medical Hospital with 1350 beds every day.  Besides, around 3-4 thousand patients come for treatment in the outpatient departments every day.  5-6 thousand people come to the medical center including the patients under treatment and their relatives.  The number of patients is constantly increasing but the number of 4th class employees to manage the services has not increased.  Vacancies are not being recruited as recruitment is closed.

 According to hospital sources, out of 497 sanctioned 4th class posts, 312 are currently working.  And 185 posts are vacant.  Many are retiring.  However, the vacancies are not being filled.  The concerned said that according to the pressure of the patient, more work force is required than the approved posts.  However, people are not being appointed even in approved positions.  This seriously disrupts the hospital's cleaning operations and patient care management.  Most of the toilets in the hospital wards and out-houses have become unusable due to garbage.  There is no water in the toilet.  It is not being used because there is no water.  Patients have to be taken to specific wards from the emergency department.  Again, the patient has to be transferred from one ward to another ward.  The patient is taken to the lab for testing.  You have to go to the doctor with the patient's file.  There is no permanent person in the hospital to do these things.  Patients and their relatives are always harassed for external nannies in the wards.  If they do not pay according to their demands, they are mistreated.  

CMC Hospital Deputy Director Dr Aung Sui Prue Marma said, Chattogram Medical has received approval for 2200 beds.  Accordingly, the process for recruitment of manpower is going on.  Due to the shortage of labor, special nannies and outsourcing services have to be done.  Complaints are made against them at various times.  We were fired based on these complaints.