Pathao relaunches on-demand essentials delivery service

BP Business Desk

Pathao in collaboration with appropriate government authorities, has initiated Pathao Tong service, promising to deliver food and medicinal products delivered to the customer’s doorstep in less than 40 minutes, ensuring delivery agents and foodmen’s safety while they are serving its customers. 

In a commitment to keep the community safe and sound from the clutches of Covid-19 global pandemic, Pathao has relaunched on-demand essentials delivery service, Tong.  Hussain M Elius, CEO of Pathao, market leader in ride-sharing, food delivery, and e-commerce logistics, said, "We continue to collaborate with the ICT Ministry, a2i, different government bodies, e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (eCAB), and other industry colleagues to ensure that a critical supply chain is maintained.”  

In an effort to help people to stay indoors, and avail easy access to all essential daily necessities and services during the time of COVID-19 global outbreak, Elius aslo said, “We will proactively communicate with you if we anticipate any impact on our ability to serve you. This is an unprecedented event and uncertain times, and the only way we can go through this is by staying together.  Thank you for being with Pathao.”

Pathao has enabled contactless delivery of all orders that are paid digitally. 

 With proper training, necessary protective gears, and strict maintenance of code of conducts regarding health and hygiene, Pathao delivery agents stand at least three feet away from the door of the delivery destination. They are also trained to leave the parcel at a designated spot after getting confirmation from the user. 

In terms of payment method, digital payments have been made available and are highly encouraged in order to minimize unrequired human interaction. Visa, debit cards and Mobile Financial Services (MFS) wallets can be used for completion of the payment. Pathao team is regularly disseminating awareness messages and training to our riders, foodmen and delivery agents to maintain a strict hygiene code for their own safety.

The ride-hailing company and one of the fastest growing tech startups in Asia, Pathao has empowered millions of people by enabling income, employment and by improving lives.  The homegrown startup company is determined to ensure safety and create opportunities for people at every socioeconomic level and realize the vision of ‘Digital Bangladesh’. Pathao is the first major ride-sharing platform in Bangladesh to be licensed by the government under the Ride Sharing Guidelines.