Passengers’ harassment at Sadarghat

Published : 20 Jan 2024 09:32 PM

Passengers’ suffering at Sadarghat launch terminal mounts due to mismanagement, irresponsibility and inefficiency of the authorities concerned. As a result, thousands of incoming and outgoing passengers are facing serious difficulties every day in and outside the launch terminal in the capital Dhaka.

Passengers are being harassed, humiliated and even physically assaulted in many ways at the terminal. Passengers are being harassed if they protest against extra toll collection.

Though the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina repeatedly gave instructions to stop the harassment of passengers on the waterways, the authorities concerned have not taken any effective steps to stop the anarchy. As a result of the leaseholders giving responsibility to the unruly youths of the area for collecting tolls at these ghats, many passengers have to cross rivers and ghats with extra tolls and illegal tolls as per their demand, according to media reports. 

The helpless passengers are seen venting their anger against the authorities in various ways. Besides creating anarchy in collecting additional tolls, leaseholders are also harassing the passengers.

Passengers are being harassed, 

humiliated and even physically

 assaulted in many ways at the terminal

Extra toll was being levied on passengers going up and down for crossing the river by boat at Sadarghat. If someone is crossing the river by boat carrying daily essentials, the leaseholders are illegally extorting them. However, there is an agreement to collect the fare per passenger crossing the boat. This ‘looting trade’ is seen not only in Sadarghat but also more than 400 river ports and ghats leased by BIWTA across the country. Besides, such looting is going on at ghats and boat ghat points owned by the district councils in remote areas of different districts of the country.

Therefore, the shipping ministry must take strong action against passengers’ harassment in Sadarghat launch terminal area. The authorities concerned have also been receiving information for the last few days that the harassment of passengers has started again at a worse level.

Therefore, all concerned must carry out their assigned duties and responsibilities together with an attitude of cooperation aiming to ensure quality services for passengers at Sadarghat. We believe the authorities concerned will take strong action and the Sadarghat must be freed from all sorts of harassments immediately.