Parachute Advanced launches month-long friendship campaign

Published : 06 Aug 2020 08:10 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:14 PM

BP Business Desk

Parachute Advanced Hair Oil, a hair oil brand by Marico Bangladesh Ltd, in collaboration with prominent actresses Mumtaheena Chowdhury Toya and Masuma Rahman Nabila, launched a campaign to celebrate international friendship day.

With a motto “Strong Hair, Strong Bonds”, the campaign titled “Parachute Advansed Mojbut Bondhone Bondhutto” intends to encourage people in reconnecting with their friends who have been out of touch for a long time. As life is hard to perceive without friends and it is the power of friendship that helps human stand strong, Parachute Advansed feels obliged to cherish the beauty of this astounding relationship through the campaign.

Besides, Parachute Advansed Hair Oil is also launching a limited-edition Friendship Day pack commemorating the strong bonds between friends.

Prominent celebrities Nabila and Toya are featuring the campaign. As a part of it, they each reconnected with a friend of theirs whom they have lost touch with for a long time and invited their fans to do the same. 

Regarding the campaign, Nabila said, “I am so glad to have been associated with Parachute Advansed over the years. This campaign is such a brilliant effort. The initiative will inspire people to get back in contact with their friends.”

Toya echoed the same. “It’s great to be a part of such an initiative. I was so delighted to talk to my friend after so many years. I can’t wait to hear the outstanding experiences the participants are going to share,” she mentioned.

Allen Eric, Marketing Director of Marico Bangladesh Ltd, said, “Parachute Advansed, the country's best loved hair care brand, stands for strength. Strong bonds are an integral part of this strength and friendship day is an apt occasion for Parachute Advansed to celebrate such bonds.’’