‘Ami Ek Jajabor’

Papa Nurunnahar’s 50yrs journey thru artworks

Published : 21 Apr 2024 09:50 PM

Renowned artist Papa Nurunnahar Kazi's remarkable journey through art is being commemorated with the exhibition "Ami Ek Jajabor" (The Wanderer) at the Safiuddin Gallery in Dhanmondi. Featuring 57 stunning artworks, the exhibition showcases Papa's diverse talents, spanning from vibrant wildlife depictions to thought-provoking political commentaries.

At the inauguration ceremony on April 19, attended by notable figures including Emeritus Professor Rafiqun Nabi, freedom fighter Abul Barq Alvi, and architect Shamsul Wares, guests praised Papa's artistic skills. Shamsul Wares highlighted Papa's ability to capture the spirit of the time, while Prof. Rafiqun Nabi commended her penchant for exploring various artistic styles, echoing the exhibition's title, "Ami Ek Jajabor."

Visitors to the exhibition are greeted with a plethora of captivating artworks, including "Rendezvous" featuring vibrant cats, zebras, horses, and more. 

Papa's versatility is evident in her exploration of different styles, from oriental art to political figures like Che Guevara, and even her unique interpretation of Da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man." One of the standout pieces is "The Couple," portraying Hindu deities Krishna and Radha with striking teal, cerulean blue, and brown hues, showcasing Papa's mastery of optical illusion and surrealism. Papa Nurunnahar Kazi's artistic journey, which began with her education at the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Dhaka in 1974, has been characterized by boundless creativity and exploration. "Ami Ek Jajabor" offers a glimpse into her five decades of artistic brilliance.

The exhibition at Safiuddin Shilpalay will remain open to the public until April 24, inviting art enthusiasts to witness the awe-inspiring works of this esteemed artist.