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Panic grips locals as wild elephants enter Panchagarh

Published : 20 Feb 2024 10:18 PM

The people of Banglabandha area in Tetulia upazila are in great panic as two wild elephants entered into the district from India on Tuesday morning.

Sources informed that, these elephants came to Tirnoithat Union from Islambagh area of Indian border.  

The inhabitants are in fear of elephant attack as these two elephant are staying on a maize filed in Dakkhin Kasimganj of Banglabandha Union after travelling several kilometers.

Eyewitness said that the wild animals have already attacked some domestic animals on their way to Dakkhin Kasimganj and killed two cattles of farmer Samsul Huq. Electrical and motor wires, fences, onion and maize fields were also damaged by the elephants.  

Nurul Huda, Upazila Forest Officer said that after hearing the arrival news of two wild elephants, all precaution measures have been taken. People are advised to maintain distance from the animals. The department arranged miking to make people aware. 

Tetulia UNO Fazley Rabbi said that he has visited the spot after hearing the news.  The Deputy Commissioner (DC), Model Thana, Forest Department including other related authorities, have been informed of the matter.