Palm trees beautify roads in Damurhuda

Published : 06 Jan 2022 09:24 PM

The palm trees of Sibnagar village of Damurhuda upazila are not only spreading beauty but also helping in increasing income by selling date juice and jaggery.

According to sources of Damurhuda Upazila office and Deputy Commissioner office of Chuadanga district, Sree Nafar Chandra Paul Chowdhury, Zaminder of Nadia Estate, made a garden with mango, jackfruit and leachy and water body on 128 acres of land. Of the total 76 acres were water body. 

Palm trees were planted about 1 kilometer in both sides of road. This road was entry point of the garden. All these were done in 1895 BC at village Shibnagar of Damurhud in Chuadanga. Nafar Chandra Paul died in 1940. In separation of India and Pakistan in 1947, his two sons had to stay in India. 

After that the government took under ownership of the estate. Due to lack of taking care the garden it was turned in weed and jangle. So DC Eco Park was established there in 1913. But palm trees is still now standing as witness of that era.  

There is rumors in the areas and unofficially is known, Nafar Paul was Zamindar of the area. His wife Radha Rani wished to travel from Karpasdanga to Kishnagar on a shady road. 

The Zamindar took the initiative to shade through different trees and gardens. Jackfruit, mango, banana and palm trees were planted both side of the road. Moreover he made different types of gardens at a distance of one kilo after another on both sides there. The road started from Horirampur-Shibnagar to Hudapara village near Indian border. 

The sources are also added that all trees and gardens were wiped out gradually except palm trees. At present the palm trees are enhancing the beauty and giving shade to the passers-by.  

Juice is being collected from the palm trees and is to sell it to consumers for incoming. Many tourists come to this area to see the beauty of palm trees. The juice of palm trees is very testy. Many people of the areas and other places go there for taking palm juice. Besides jaggery are made from the juice by boiling with tin jar. Fruits of palm trees are popular food item in the areas. 

At present, it is renamed as Talsari and this place is known most of the people of Bangladesh as tourist spot. Tourists appear there and observe the beauty of Talsari. Many of visitors arrange picnic there and enjoy themselves. Recent

Khalilur Rahman, Chairman of Karpashdanga Union Parishad, said palm trees are on about 1 kilo meter of road at present.  Visitors come to visit these trees all around the year.