Palestine-Israel war must end

Published : 09 Mar 2024 09:52 PM

We are deeply shocked and saddened at the tragic death of five Palestinian people who met their tragic end after a parachute failed on an aid package dropped by air into Gaza on Friday. At least five people were killed when a parachute failed to deploy and a parcel fell on them, according to the BBC reports. 

We also strongly condemn this heart touching incident as the people met their tragic end while rushing for food.  The US, Jordan, Egypt, France, the Netherlands and Belgium have been dropping aid into Gaza in recent days as concerns about famine among the population grow. 

Gaza’s 2.3m population is on the brink of famine and children are starving to death. An estimated 300,000 Palestinians are living there with little food or clean water. 

Last week more than 100 people were killed trying to reach a ground aid convoy amid the growing desperation. All were shot by Israeli troops. Israel’s military continued launching an air and ground campaign in Gaza since October 7 last year, killing more than 30,800 people. 

It is an appalling thing that when the hungry people were rushing for food, air dropped aid bundles on them leaving five dead on the spot. While most of the large packages of aid fall with parachutes deployed, one fails to open and falls in a more uncontrolled way.

Five people were 

killed when a parachute

failed to deploy and a 

parcel fell on them

The countries which are dropping aid into Gaza should be cautious and must think to way-out another route to Gaza to deliver aid. The growing Israeli aggression is cruel, monstrous and barbaric. 

The mass killing throughout the Palestine has already spurred widespread international condemnation and protests at Israeli embassies in several countries in the world. Several lakhs people continued protesting in different countries across the globe over the deadly strike in Gaza. It is a ‘despicable crime’. 

We do not want to see killing of civilians, particularly women, innocent children and elderly people.  The women and children are the worst victims of the war. 

As conflict continues to ravage Gaza, pregnant women in the enclave are facing unprecedented challenges. The recent Israeli airstrikes have left expectant mothers fearing for the safety of their unborn children and their own lives, according to international news agencies. 

There has already been a growing concern over the Russia-Ukraine war. Now the world is witnessing Israeli attack on the Palestine. The world leaders should take immediate step to stop war immediately.