Pakundia cattlemen deprived of medical facilities

The people of Pakundia upazila in Kishoreganj are being deprived of medication and vaccination facilities for their cattle as the Pakundia Upazila Livestock Hospital is facing various problems, including manpower shortage.

Medical services at the hospital are being affected due to shortage of doctors and other staff. A number of important posts, including veterinary surgeons, are now vacant.  The current livestock officers and other staff are facing problems while providing service.

The upazila has a municipality and nine unions where there are about 150 to 200 poultry farms. There are also many cattle and goat farms. Every day many cattlemen come to the livestock office for services and advice. But as there is no manpower in other important positions, including veterinary surgeons, the people are suffering who come to seek medical care and advice.

According to hospital sources, there is one Upazila Livestock Officer, one Veterinary Surgeon, one Upazila Livestock Assistant (ULA), Three Veterinary Field Assistant (DFA), one Compounder, one Field Assistant (FA/AI), one Office Assistant, one dresser and an Office Assistant (MLSS) positions. The hospital currently has five officers and staffs in place of eight officers, including a livestock officer, a veterinary field assistant, a compounder, an office assistant and an office assistant.

Pakundia Upazila Livestock Officer Dr. Swapan Chandra Bonik said, veterinary surgeons are having difficulty monitoring work at the field level. There is an increasing pressure to provide medical care. Due to this, medical services are being disrupted a bit. In addition there are currently two projects under the Livestock Office. One is the Animal Development and Technology Transfer project, the other is the National Agricultural Program. But due to the manpower crisis, there are serious disruptions in the implementation of the projects. Senior authorities have been notified to the authorities regarding the manpower crisis.