Pakistani forces were retreating everywhere realizing total defeat

The invader Pakistani militaries by now could realize for sure that their total defeat was only a matter of time. They were retreating from every battle field as well as camps. At the time of retreating they were destroying roads, bridges and all kinds of communication systems on their path, firstly, to create barrier on the way to the advancing freedom fighters; secondly, with an evil intention of committing destruction to Bangladeshi properties as much as possible.   

On this day in 1971, whole of East coast of River Meghna was fully under the control of Mitra Bahini and Mukti Bahini. While retreating, Pak army blew up the Meghna Bridge. Then to cross the Meghna River alternate planning had to be made. In view of that Heliborne operation was planned to position troops across the River Meghna. 

In the early morning before dawn operation of positioning troops started at a place called Raipura south of Narshingdi. ‘Kilo Flight’ responsibilities was to give Armed Escort protection for the safe disembarkation of the troops of 57th Division of Indian Army and to counterattack Pak army ambush. 

Troops are getting down from the ME8 helicopters and we were looking for Pak army if needed to be repulsed, according to Captain Shadab. 

People from the villages came to welcome the troops embracing them and extending all possible assistance. What a wonderful scenario. We were so moved and could feel the touch of People’s warmth again at that moment. Suddenly we observed that a convoy of Pak army approaching the troops disembarkation site to ambush. We immediately made the Pak army convoy as target and attacked them with 14 French Matra rockets and blew them up. 

Troop’s disembarkation operation continued and completed without any further intervention. A Pak army message was intercepted and came to know that 22 Pak army was killed in this attack. Next day, 12th December 1971 in the morning Narshingdi was totally free. 

After this no more resistance came from Pak army. Mitra Bahini and Mukti Bahini proceeded towards Dhaka very fast, surrounded the whole Dhaka city and waited for Pak army to surrender.