Pakistan rejects U.S. report on human rights practices

By Xinhua
Published : 26 Apr 2024 09:54 PM

Pakistan has "categorically" rejected a report by the U.S. State Department over the alleged human rights violations in the country last year, saying that only a politically motivated report can ignore the alarming situation in Gaza.

"It is deeply concerning that a report purported to highlight human rights situations around the world ignores or downplays the most urgent hotspots of gross human rights violations such as in Gaza," the ministry said in a statement released late Thursday.

Titled "2023 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices: Pakistan," the contents of the report are unfair, based on inaccurate information and are completely divorced from the ground reality, said the statement.

This year's report is once again conspicuous by its lack of objectivity and politicization of the international human rights agenda, it added.

"It clearly demonstrates double standards thus undermining the international human rights discourse," according to the ministry.