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‘PaintOff 2020’ to be judged by Mahfuzur Rahman

Published : 12 Jun 2020 07:22 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 08:58 PM

AllStar Online, the ambitious young event management firm, has brought their newest event ,’PaintOff 2020’, an unique online art tournament, in this time of uncertainty. 

It is known that the competition is being judged by Mahfuzur Rahman, the respected vice president of Sikder Group and a veteran artist of great skill.

Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman achieved numerous national and international awards. In 2019, he was especially recognized as pioneer member of Van Gogh’s Impressionism awarded by Van Gogh museum, Amsterdam, Netherland. 

Apart from that in 2019 Mr. Mahfuz’s one of many paintings named “Stand Alone” took 48th place out of 50 best paintings of the world in the same year recognized by BBC (Culture Section), London.

Regarding judging the tournament he said, “It’s a great honor for me being a judge for such unique and inspiration event. As per my knowledge this is the first time I am experiencing such kind of innovation event organized by AllStar Group to encourage the enthusiastic upcoming artists. 

Basically this kind of Face Off event take place in Gallery but this the first time which is taking place online which shows the blending of Technology and Art. 

It’s a really great honor for me being judge of such an innovative event. My best wishes for the best endeavors for all of the participants and special thanks to the AllStar Group.”

The top 10 participants of the tournament will receive beautiful medals and the finalists will get trophies, medals and prize money. The event is in collaboration with Obscure Artists of Bangladesh.