Padma Bridge proves Bangladesh’s capability

Government’s efforts deserve plaudits

Published : 09 Jun 2022 07:35 PM

It needs no mentioning that the construction of the Padma Multipurpose Bridge has brightened the country’s image before the world. Bangladesh has constructed the bridge with own financing as the government had taken this challenge to brighten image of the country amid conspiracies and obstacles.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on June 25, 2022 will open the long-cherished Padma Bridge, the largest 

infrastructure project in the country’s history. The day will always be remembered as a glorious one in our national life. Vehicles can run on the bridge from 6 am on June 26, a day after its inauguration by paying tolls. The 6.15-km bridge with four lane highway and one lane railway is a reality today. It is a symbol of pride, self-confidence, ability and self-respect for the Bangalis.

Padma Bridge is a symbol of our 

economic capacity

Apart conspiracies at home and abroad, Sheikh Hasina, her government and her family members and cabinet members faced tremendous pressure, humiliation and false cases regarding the baseless corruption allegation that ultimately proved false by a Canadian court. These evil forces had thought that Sheikh Hasina would surrender to them.

The premier on Wednesday categorically said that she is the daughter of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and she did not and would not bow down her head to any unjust. Her honesty and boldness and country’s people supports were her strength and helped her materialise the dream of constructing the Padma Bridge into reality. Soon after completion of Padma Bridge, the world becomes aware of and started showing respect to Bangladesh.

By constructing Padma Bridge with own fund after eliminating all conspiracies, Sheikh Hasina has proved that Padma Bridge is not merely a bridge of pride or one of the longest bridges in the world but also it is a symbol of our (economic) capacity. 

We all should cordially congratulate and thank Sheikh Hasina for her courageous and firm leadership, her unconditional love for the people and giving the nation the Padma Bridge as a gift.