Padma Bridge opens to traffic today

A gift to the nation

Published : 24 Jun 2022 08:09 PM

Finally the wait is over and our dream comes true today. The stage is all set for the inauguration of the Padma Multi Purpose Bridge.

The 6.03-kilometre long and 23.32-metre wide bridge have four lanes for the movement of light to heavy transports on its upper deck and trains on its lower deck alongside carrying power and gas transmission lines. The bridge was constructed with the world’s latest technology and materials. The whole construction process has been completed maintaining the highest standard.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will open the Padma Multi Purpose Bridge for vehicular movement today which will bring a massive progress in road connectivity of 21 south and southwestern districts with capital Dhaka and other major cities.

The Padma Bridge is not just a structure, it is the symbol the ability of the Awami League government. The Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina constructed the Padma Bridge amid all conspiracies hatched at home and abroad. It has been possible to implement such a mega project only because of Sheikh Hasina. She has proved that proper and bold political leadership can make impossible into possible. 

With the implementation of Padma Bridge project, one 

of the pledges of the Awami League government has been fulfilled 

It is the largest construction infrastructure since the independence of Bangladesh and the construction work began in December, 2015 with government’s own fund. The construction work of mega Padma Bridge was not stopped even for a single day since its inception, although the pace was slowed during the Covid-19 pandemic, which had brought life and livelihood to a standstill across the globe.    

The long waiting period that gets over today and the dream of millions of people has become true as their sufferings during travelling will be reduced soon after the inauguration of the long-cherished bridge. The Padma Bridge will directly connect the south-western region with the capital Dhaka.

We hope people will have no difficulties in crossing the river Padma and they will travel their respective destinations quickly and safely from tomorrow (Sunday). Besides, this Bridge will change the entire economic landscape of southwestern Bangladesh, connect many countries of South and Southeast Asia and contribute largely to communication, trade, industry, tourism and many other sectors in various ways. Apart from these, it will also boost the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) by 1.5-2 percent.

With the implementation of Padma Bridge project, one of the pledges of the Awami League government has been fulfilled. The southwestern region will become the country’s biggest economic zone after opening of the Padma Bridge. It has now been proved again that braving all sorts of hurdles and odds, the government continued to pull the country towards development following the ideology and footsteps of Bangabandhu.