Padma Bank opens account in just one minute

Padma Bank Limited has launched ‘Padma Click’ mobile phone App for its customers in an effort to open a bank account in just one minute. The hassle-free mobile application has made immediate impact among the customers, creating buzz in Bangladesh’s banking sector.

The bank has launched its ‘One Minute Account’ at the Gulshan DNCC Market in Dhaka and within just two days about 200 people have opened accounts by availing the service. Customers praised the Padma Click app, saying it was “easy to use and completely free of any hassles”.

“In the past, we had to spend hours in a bank branch for opening an account. But today I’ve opened an account in just one minute. It is amazing,” said businessman Abul Kalam Azad. Other customers praised Padma Bank’s efforts to bring banking services to their doorsteps.   

“The services that most banks offer are almost similar. But what Padma Click has done is revolutionary,” said Mohammad Salam Bepari. “Literally in just one minute, I got a new account. Can you believe it? But it really happened. I will now go to the bank and submit my papers,” he said.

The One Minute Account drive is being carried out by the direct sales team of the Padma Bank. Its officials said the Padma Click App was introduced in a bid to ease banking facilities for the clients. “All we need to open an account is the National Identity Card number, names of parents and addresses,”  said a member of director sales team.

Javed Amin, senior executive vice president and head of business of Padma, said the latest mobile APP is part of the bank’s series of initiatives to win trust of the clients. “So far our Padma Click App and the One Minute Account drive have received excellent response from the clients,” Amin said.

“This year our main target is to turn the loss-making branches into profitable ones and raise productivity of all our officers,” he said. He added that the One Minute Account campaign will continue throughout the year and will be conducted at shopping malls and various organizations.        

Padma is a fourth generation private commercial bank having 57 branches all over the country.  Apart from Padma Click, the bank has also launched three other banking application software called Padma Digi, Padma I Banking and Padma Wallet. The applications allow the bank’s clients to conduct banking activities from anywhere in the country.