Padma Bank launches QR Code for cash withdrawal

Published : 29 Mar 2023 08:26 PM

Padma Bank launched the cash withdrawal service through the mobile wallet by scanning QR code.

Padma Bank has accelerated digital services by including this new service in the "Padma Wallet" app. Under this secureddigital service, customers can quickly withdraw cash from any branch or sub-branch of Padma Bank without using cards or cheque books.

It eliminates the hassle of signature verification and the risk of carrying and losing cheque book. This will save the customer time and money.

To avail the service, the Padma Wallet app must be installed on the customer's smart phone at first. Then, Padma Bank account holders can login with the required information. In the next step, the money can be withdrawn by scanning the QR code displayed in any branch and sub-branch of Padma Bank by touching the QR icon shown in the Padma Wallet app.

With the introduction of this service for withdrawing cash through QR code scanning, Padma Bank has moved towards ensuring digitalization. Padma Bank's Managing Director and CEO, Tarek Reaz Khan said- Padma Bank has always been keen in providing technology-based banking services.