Paddy yield to exceed target in Nilphamari

Published : 30 Sep 2022 07:50 PM

The current paddy cultivation season is likely to exceed the Aman paddy production target and produce a record amount. Aman paddy production has brought a smile to the face of the farmer. Although the average production target of 3.5 metric tons per hectare has been set, the agriculture department has recently obtained a record production of 5.8 metric tons in sample crop cutting. 

The agriculture department has set a target of 52 thousand 98 metric tons of Aman paddy production in the current year, but the upazila agriculture department thinks that the production will be 67 thousand metric tons of Aman paddy. The agriculture department also claims that 15 thousand metric tons of Aman paddy will be produced more than the target in the record amount of Aman production. 

According to the Agriculture Department, there has been an enviable and record production of Aman paddy this year due to high sunlight and temperature. Kishoreganj upazila of Nilphamari has recorded record production over target.

Upazila Agricultural Extension Department said that in the last Aman season, Aman paddy cultivation has been done in 14 thousand 870 hectares of land in this upazila. Production has been about 53 thousand metric tons. In the current season, the target of Aman paddy cultivation is 14 thousand 885 hectares of land. Which is 15 hectares more than last year. The production target is 52 thousand 98 metric tons of paddy. 

After planting saplings in the current Aman season, the farmers thought that the lack of rain, drought, harsh roads and extreme heat would cause Aman paddy production to fail to meet the target. The farmers were tensed due to such a bad weather. Also, due to unfavorable weather conditions, the farmers were disturbed in their cultivation. Farmers who are worried about such adverse weather conditions are smiling as they get more production than the demand. 

The price is also good. On the other hand, due to the high temperature of the sun in the current season, there was no insect attack in the Aman field. As a result, the crops did not have to be applied. On the other hand, the cost of cultivation is less.

On the surface, it was seen that the vast fields of the upazila are full of only green and golden green. Paddy fields and paddy fields as far as the eye can see. As if the lands were covered with a green sheet. Aman paddy trees are swaying in the wind. Aman paddy fields filled with the smell of paddy. Farmers have already started bringing the golden dream home.

Upazila Agriculture Department harvested the sample of Aman paddy of Abdur Rauf of Ektar Bazar village of Singergari in Magura union last Wednesday. That farmer cultivated BRRI-75. 5.8 hectares per hectare is obtained by measuring the amount of paddy after cutting the Aman paddy of his land. Seeing this production, the agriculture department raised its eyes. Both farmers and the Department of Agriculture were surprised by the record production. Earlier, the agriculture department harvested hybrid Babylon-2 Aman paddy samples of farmer Masudur Rahman of Nagarband village of Chandkhana union. Incredible production is also available here. 5.38 metric tons of rice per hectare is obtained in hybrid Babylon-2 variety of Aman paddy. The agriculture department expects production to exceed the production target of 3.5 metric tons per hectare by 4.5 metric tons. Which production will be more than the production target of 15 thousand metric tons. Which will be added to the food stock of the country as additional production.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Habibur Rahman said that this time Aman paddy is considered as super production. Higher than target production due to high sunlight and temperature, which will be recorded in production. Such production has not been seen before. In the current season, the farmers of this area planted BRRI-75, 87, hybrid-local China, Babylon-2.