Paddy yield surplus in N-region: Farmers deprived of fair price

Published : 26 May 2022 08:05 PM

In the northern region including Rangpur, the production of Aman, Aus and Boro crops is one crore and 22 lakh metric tonnes every year. Excluding demand from total production, there is a surplus of 56 lakh metric tonnes of food in the region in a year. Even after this, the farmers are being deprived of the fair price of their paddy. In each harvest season, a syndicate buys cheap food grains from farmers at the field level and loots profits by averaging stocks. Although the government announced an anti-stock campaign, nothing happened. As a result, there is a fear that farmers will be deprived of fair price of paddy even in this year's Boro season.

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension, the total cultivable land in the 16 northern districts is 27 lakh 16 thousand 354 hectares. Of these, 12 lakh 98 thousand hectares in eight districts of Rangpur region and about 14 lakh hectares in eight districts of Rajshahi region. The total population in the northern region is about 3 and a half crore. Of these, 11 percent are children and the elderly. Those who are unsuitable for food intake. Excluding these 11 percent, the food-consuming population in the north is just over 3 crore. A person can consume 453.06 grams of food per day. As such, the food demand of the people of this region is about 60 lakh metric tons per year. Of this, the food demand of Rangpur region is 29 lakh 75 thousand 411 metric tons and the demand of Rajshahi region is 30 lakh 26 thousand 600 metric tons. The Rangpur region has a surplus of about 26 lakh metric tons and the Rajshahi region has a surplus of about 3 million metric tons. This surplus food is supplied to different districts of the country including the capital Dhaka by meeting the demand of the people of this region.

Lokman Hossain, a farmer from Ganjipur area of Rangpur Sadar, Afzal Hossain from Shahidbagh area of Kaunia, Ashraful Islam, a farmer from Payrabandh area of Mithapukur and many others said that at present Bajao Pratiman Boro paddy is being sold for Tk 800-850. If they sell paddy at this price, they will have to calculate a loss of at least 600 rupees per bigha (33 percent). The amount of loss per acre is two thousand Tk 100. On the other hand, those who have planted boroughs on land lease have more losses. They also said that rice is not the only food grain in the region. Farmers are playing an important role in the economy of the region by producing almost double the demand. However, they are being deprived of the fair price of every product produced.

Abu Sayem, Deputy Director (LR) of Khamarbari Dhaka, Department of Agricultural Extension, said the government has taken several initiatives to ensure fair price of paddy to farmers including purchase of paddy from farmers. As a result, the farmers are getting fair price of the crop. He hopes that only threshing has started in this area. Paddy prices will rise further.